Powerful New Construction / Conversion Calculator for iPhone & iPod touch

inchcalc logo is an Application for the iPhone & iPod touch that turns either into a powerful calculating tool for anyone who uses common tape measures or rulers. inchcalc logo takes inputs directly in the same FEET • INCHES • FRACTIONS units as tape measures & rulers, does the calculations & displays the answers in the same units.
inchcalc iphone
available on the iphone app store
Perfect for Contractors, Builders, Sub-Contractors, Architects, Designers,
Engineers, Students, Homemakers and DIYer’s. Perfect for anyone who
needs dimensional conversions between the Imperial and the Metric systems.
Reduce errors, save time and be more productive at the job-site, in the office,
at home, in the studio or at school.

available on the iphone app store

FEATURE COMPARISON inchcalc logo inchcalc logo
• inputs directly in FT • IN • FRACTIONS & IN • FRACTIONS
• Predictive Input streamlines the entry process & reduces errors
• simple & intuitive user interface - you already know how to use it
• standard memory functions: mc m+ m- mr
• automatically rounds to the Lowest Common denominator
Preset fractions: ½” ¼” ⅛” 1/16” 1/32” 1/64”
Preset decimal places: .x .xx .xxx .xxxx floating
• Built-In Information Page showing common geometric formulas
• built-in common operational functions: + - X ÷
• built-in advanced functions: √2, X2, π, %, +/
Automatic Right Triangle Functions: Enter any 2: Pitch, Rise, Run, Diagonal & automatically solve for the other 2  
• Easy conversions to other measurement units: F•IN•FR, IF, Dec. In., Dec.Ft.,millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers, acres, yards, miles including SQ & CU  
selective keyboard orientation for Left Handed or Right Handed users  
• Dual Modes: INCHcalc Portrait Mode for quickly managing simple calculation INCHcalc+ Landscape Mode for more complex problem solving  
• advanced CLEARING functions: back out last key-press, clear last entry, reset to 0